How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week – The Basic Science

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When it comes to losing a significant amount of weight in just a week’s time, getting down the perfect diet is of utmost importance. If you do not follow the diet plan I have laid out for you to the exact “T”, you will not get the results you are looking for.

There is a precise science to the plan I am going to recommend. Losing 10 pounds in a week is not something that will happen just by cutting calories, doing exercise, and hoping for the best.

In this article, I will be going over what “loopholes” in human physiology we will be exploiting in order to achieve dramatic weight loss and giving the rationale for the diet choices. In the next article, you will find the specific diet plan.

I believe it is important for everyone to read this article before moving on to the actual diet plan. Research has shown that people are much more likely to follow a plan exactly and are more likely to succeed if they understand the rationale behind it.

In other words, simply understanding the science behind the plan will actually help motivate you and increase your chance at success!

The Truth About Water Weight

The secret on how to lose 10 pounds in a week is to tap into our body’s capacity to lose water weight. However, before I get into the nitty-gritty, it is important to discuss the truth about so called “water weight”.

Contrary to popular belief, losing water weight after starting a diet has absolutely nothing to do with dehydration. The secret is not to stop drinking water; I recommend drinking large amounts of water as this actually keeps bloating down.

Instead, we can control water weight by manipulating the macronutrients in the diet (i.e. the amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat). In particular, we will be looking at carbohydrates and something known as glycogen.

How to Lose 10 Pounds In a Week – Glycogen Depletion

How to Lose 10 Pounds in A Week

We can drop water weight safely and quickly without dehydrating or diuretics by manipulating our glycogen stores.

The key to losing 10 pounds in a week is a compound known as glycogen. Glycogen is stored by the body in the muscles and liver as a carbohydrate (i.e. energy) reservoir.

When we eat carbohydrates, our liver converts extra carbohydrates into glycogen for storage. For the most part, carbohydrates are only turned into fat when both the liver and muscles are full of glycogen (fructose being a possible exception to this rule).

Glycogen is only created from carbohydrates (in particular glucose). While fat and protein can be converted into carbohydrate-like compounds, this is done on an as-needed basis. The body will not regularly convert say, stored body fat, to replenish muscular glycogen stores.

Where am I going with this? It turns out that glycogen has an unusual property – it loves water. It is frequently estimated that for every gram of glycogen stored, the body will hold onto an additional 3-4 grams of water. A small person may store around 1 pound of glycogen throughout their body, whereas a very large individual might store 2 pounds or more.

As a result, if we deplete the body’s glycogen stores (which only takes a few days) we can quickly drop 5, 10, or more pounds! If you burn up 450g of glycogen (1 pound), you will also drop 3-4 pounds of water along with it.

All that you have to do to deplete glycogen is to avoid carbohydrates and do a little bit of exercise – that’s it! After about a week’s time, all of your muscle glycogen will be spent, and you will lose the associated water weight (without being “dehydrated”).

Pros And Cons

The major upside to this approach is that when you lose stored glycogen and associated water weight, it actually appears as if you lost 10 pounds of body fat. Your waist size will significantly decrease; women can often drop 2-4 dress sizes in a week and men can often drop 2″ (~5 cm) off their waist size.

The major downside to this is that as soon as you eat about 500g of carbohydrates, you will re-gain the water weight. However, as long as you avoid carbohydrates, the water weight will not come back on, no matter how much water you drink. The other problem with water weight loss is that the health benefits of weight loss like reduced improvement in the various types of acne do not result from water weight loss. If you want to clear up your skin or reduce heartburn by losing weight, losing fat is what is required. Dropping water weight will make you look a lot better, but it will not improve your health.

For this reason, the diet plan mentioned in the next article is best suited for a special event where you want to look your best, such as a wedding, reunion, day at the beach, and the like.

How to Lose 10 Pounds – Permanently

It is true that 10 pounds of fat will require a calorie deficit of ~35,000 calories, which is not feasible in a week’s time (unless perhaps you are morbidly obese).

That is why we have two plans on this site: the How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week plan, which lets you make a radical body transformation in just a few days, and the How to Lose 10 Pound in a Month plan, which will allow you to permanently lose 10 pounds per month!

Below, you will find the exact diet plan we will use. If want to know how to lose 10 pounds in a week, you will use the plan outlined in Week 1. If you want to make that weight loss permanent, progress on to weeks 2-4.


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