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In this article, I will be covering everything that did not fit into the other articles, including dieting tips, exercise programs, supplements, and other dieting resources.

Dieting Tips – How to Lose 10 Pounds

In this section, I wanted to cover absolutely the most important thing to being successful on a dieting: how to stick to the plan.

The diet plan provided for you here will work as well as (or better than) any diet you have ever tried before, especially if you decide to continue with it and lose even more than 10 pounds.

However, if you veer off the course and eat foods you are not supposed to, then you will not lose any weight. We all recognize this simple truth yet it can be extremely hard to stick to a diet plan.

Finding Motivation

I cannot provide motivation for you, but in the next few paragraphs, I will reveal the only way to motivate yourself. There is one simple truth you need to recognize, and once are able to know and accept that, you will not need motivation to diet (or motivation to do anything) ever again – you will simply accept it as is.

The most important thing to accept (not only for dieting success but life-long satisfaction) is that the only point in time that ever matters is right now. To take it a step further, time is only a constraint that you should relinquish.

Everything that has ever or will ever happen to us happens in the present. Nothing happens in the future but rather a distant present.

The main point is that the past will continue to repeat itself until you make an active change in the present. Do not wait to start your diet until Monday, or next week, or next month – start it now. Why wait?

Everything happens in the now. If at any point your mind drifts to the past, whether you are thinking about failed diets, failed relationships, or even something simple like really good food you have eaten before, you are liable to go off your diet.

When you are thinking about the future, it is far too easy to assume that the future will somehow bring happiness, and allow your mind to wander too far from the now. The future may indeed be better, but only if you keep your mind present and make the active changes you need to in your life.

Am I suggesting that you never think about the past or the future? Of course not, but whenever you are in a situation where you think you might cheat on your diet or “need motivation”, you need to stay grounded in the present. Being “deep in thought” is truly akin to falling asleep or letting your guard down – we all fall off our diets when we let our minds wander.

For more information on this practice, I recommend reading Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.

When The Now Fails

While internal factors (such as recognizing the importance of the now) are important for long-term dieting success, sometimes things happen in life (i.e. stress, tragedies), you go to event where you will be around a lot of good food, or we just get really hungry and thinking becomes hard.

For these cases, it is a good idea to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Here are some things you can try:

  • Diet sodas are excellent for calming down a sweet tooth. Sure, they may not be the healthiest things in the world to drink on a daily basis, but neither is pigging out on a box of donuts. Throwing back 32 oz of diet soda will not make you gain weight but will make you really full and fulfill a sweet tooth.
  • Eat a high fiber diet and supplement with psyllium husk. Psyllium husk (the same powder in Metamucil) is very cheap and extremely filling. If you are still hungry at the end of a meal, take a few games of psyllium husk and within a few minutes you will get a lot less hungry.
  • Take a protein powder and eat a high-protein diet in general. Protein is highly thermogenic (i.e. burns a lot of calories) and a high-protein diet spares muscle in times of calorie deficit.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water intake will actually keep bloating down, keep your scale weight more accurate, reduce hunger, and particularly reduce energy crashes. Staying well-hydrated can significantly reduce the afternoon crash many people experience, especially when dieting.
  • Go to bed. Your mind tends to wander at night and lets its guard down. It is very hard to stay present, motivated, and on track late at night. Go to bed and you dodge many opportunities to ruin your diet.

Exercise Resources

Teaching someone how to exercise is well-beyond the scope of this series of articles. You can simply walk every day and follow the diet and you will still lose weight.

However, if you are new to the gym, are not getting the results you want, or want to take your training to the next level, then I recommend the following programs:


Lose 10 Pounds Quick - Click Here!For Women Looking to Lose Weight: For women looking to lose weight, I recommend the Fat Burning Furnace exercise program. This program is geared towards women who have limited weight-training experience (or none at all) who would like to drop body fat quickly but only have a limited amount of time they can spare for exercise.

This program has two major perks: it is great for someone who has little or no experience with weight training (it is not intimidating at all to get started with), and it is really time efficient. You can rest assured this program won’t be overwhelming or too time consuming, yet still remains effective.

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Lose 10 Pounds Now - Click HereFor Men Looking for Lean Abs or Women Looking to Get A Flat Stomach:

For men who don’t want to just lose weight but who also want a lean, defined look, or for women who have a little more exercise experience and are not looking to just lose weight but get the perfect bikini body, I recommend The Truth About Abs program.

This program again is for men and women who want the perfect beach physique. It is a great workout for men of all exercise backgrounds and women who already have some gym experience.

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For Men Who Want to Build Slabs of Muscle Mass Without Gaining Body Fat

If you’ve followed my program and leaned out and are ready to build some muscle, or simply want to know how to build muscle without gaining any body fat, I will be recommending a follow-up program soon – stay tuned.


How to Lose 10 Pounds Conclusion

You now know exactly what is necessary to get the results you have always wanted. Follow the plan laid out for you, stay present, learn to exercise, and stick to the diet.

If you can do these things, losing weight will no longer be a problem for you.


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