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How to Lose 10 Pounds Safely

Have you been dying to lose weight? Then, you are just one of those millions of men and women alike who are weight conscious. If you are also wondering how to lose 10 pounds fast and without compromising your very precious health, the answer is just simple! All you certainly have to do is follow the basic and traditional, and you’ll soon start to see the tip of the scale descend slowly – before you realize it, you’re losing weight!

Weight loss

Losing weight is actually one of the worst challenges almost all adults get once their metabolism starts to dip down low. That is very common for those within 25 – 35 years old. This is actually the time when your body’s metabolism starts to slow down because of age and a very significant drawback to that is one gaining tons of weight.

It is very quite common that during high school reunions, you will definitely see your classmates who have put on a great deal of weight. Some are even compelled and quite indifferent to the idea of going to reunions because of what people may think of their current situations. In situations like these, people would resort to “emergency” weight loss measures to compensate, which may pose greater risks on their health.

So how does one lose weight safely? The most common and most known answer would be through DIET and EXERCISE. I believe you’ve heard these two words over and over again probably from the television, radios, weight loss advisers, and so on. No matter how familiar those two words may seem, it is actually the most difficult thing to follow and maintain, and that is definitely true, and that’s what makes weight loss quite an ordeal to carry on.

Weight loss generally happens when you consume lesser calories than your burn. In so doing, your body burns up those stored fats in your body to compensate for the lack of those calories. That’s where diet comes in. So in order to consume lesser calories, you have to strictly follow a balanced diet. And to hasten up the process, you also need to sweat it out through exercise. If you do both simultaneously for a couple of weeks or a month, you will definitely see a dramatic change in the weighing scale. Don’t believe those weight loss scams – they just trick you into buying their products. Stick to the traditional, challenging and proven effective method which is, again, diet and exercise.

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